Becker Study School do sesji czerwiec 2017 już jest dostępne

Join over 25,000 students by registering with Becker's free study school.

In light of the successful free study schools Becker have run for the past few sessions, they're doing it again. This is a fantastic free resource that can really help you prepare for your June 2017 exam.

The free Becker study school includes:

  • exam-specific question forums with a 24 hour tutor response time
  • essential guidance on how to structure your study and revision time
  • ACCA mock exam question paper with answers
  • tests to monitor your progress as you learn
  • recorded extracts from past Becker study schools on selected topics.


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Registration provides students with free access to Study, Revision and Exam Preparation resources, which will be available until the end of the June 2017 exam session supported by recorded webinars instead of live sessions. There will be no live sessions due to the low uptake of these from students in previous Study Schools.


Please find attached the Study Programme for the June Study School plus a document outlining further details for the recorded webinars.


Becker Study School June 2017 – Recorded Webinars Information

Release date


Title (short)

Three bullets description

Tues 9th May


Approaching the F5 Exam

·       Exam timing and strategy

·       December 2016 exam review

·       Examiner’s feedback

Wed 10th May


F7 December 2016 Exam Debrief

·       Common errors   

·       Solving difficult OT items

·       Section C focus

Thurs 11th May


F9 December 2016 Exam Debrief

·       Working through the most difficult OT items

·       Planning Section C questions

·       Examiner’s feedback summary  

Tues 16th May


P2 September/December Section B Questions – A Debrief

·       Choosing your optional questions    

·       Enhancing your mark-earning potential

·       Applying your knowledge

Wed 17th May


P4 September/December Sample Questions – A Debrief

·        Planning an approach to each question 

·        Key technical knowledge 

·        Examiner’s feedback summary  

Thurs 18th May


Getting through P5

·        Common problems  

·        September/December 2016 exam questions review

·        Approach to case study